The Country South Afric The South Most Tip Of The African Continent

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When performing any kind of research it is the idea of the writer to project what they have seen or read and through this information help guide those reading it have an understanding of what is being portrayed. The writer should know who his or her audience is in order to ensure that the correct information is provided. The project for this paper will be on the country South Africa which geographically is positioned on the south most tip of the African continent. South African has a very rich history from pre-colonization to colonization, apartheid, and post-apartheid being what most people learnt about it. Therefore by looking at its history, politics, customs, role of women, and other different aspects can we then begin to understand how these two aspects have shaped the culture of this country today.
As stated above and as the name implies, South Africa is found in the continent of Africa on the southern tip of this continent and where the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean meet. Its population is about…. million people. It prides of many cultures, languages, traditions and a deep history for Africans, White, Asians, and Colored Afrikaners who have called South Africa their home for many thousands of years. It has nine provinces and within its borders lies Lesotho a free state with its own kingdom. South Africa boasts of three capital cities namely Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria. “Cape Town is the legislative capital with the Parliament,…

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