The Creators Of The Paleo Diet Essay examples

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The paleo diet is one in a long line of fad diets that has captured the imagination of the country. Its supporters are posting wild lists of benefits across the Internet that seem almost too good to be true. Is such a severe diet a good idea for you during the delicate and difficult drug rehabilitation process? Read on to find out.
What is the Paleo Diet?
The paleo diet is a variation of the “high protein and low carbohydrate” diets that have been sweeping the nation. The creators of the paleo diet operate under a variety of unique assumptions about how the human digestive system works.
Essentially, they believe that since we were hunter and gatherers for a majority of our existence, the human digestive system is adapted specifically to these foods. In fact, they argue that the grains and legumes that have become our main source of food since the dawn of agriculture are actually slowly killing us.
While this view ignores the basic science behind digestion, paleo dieters still throw a wide range of accusations at non-paleo food. They claim these foods cause problems as diverse as obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and even Alzheimer 's disease.
Foods you can eat on the paleo diet include:
Anything else, including potatoes, grains, dairy, and processed food cannot be eaten. Extreme diets of this type often create a wide divergence in believers and non-believers: the paleo diet is no different.
What Happens When You Get on the Paleo…

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