The Criminal Justice System Process Essay

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When a judge releases an offender on their promise to appear at the next court date, the order shows that the judge is serious that the offender is not to contact the victim. If the judge releases the offender without an order in place and the offender in turn hurts or kills the victim would not sit well in the public eyes. Another reason that order is routinely placed into effect is to prevent the victim from having to debate with the court on why they want an order. When a victim requests a protection order, the “criminal justice system process often victimizes them further" (LaViolette, & Barnett, 2014, p.76). Mrs. Lentz was very helpful and supportive to the victims who had no knowledge of the court process. Even though they did not want to aid in prosecuting their abusers, I could tell that they were thankful for Mrs. Lentz’s expertise in advocacy.
While in court there was a male that I had arrested for possessing child pornography in the courtroom. Mrs. Lenz advised me that the male had assaulted his wife and then violated a protection order against her. His wife has been in women’s shelter for over a year to get away from the male. The male missed his court date and had $30,000 in outstanding warrants for his arrest. As I sat in the courtroom waiting for the male judge to counsel the offender and place him under arrest; the unspeakable happened. The judge politely asked the male if he promised to go to his next assigned court date and of course, he said…

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