The Crucible By William Shakespeare Essay

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1.) Morality: In Fable, players have the opportunity to make strong moral choices, they can choose to snitch on the cheating husband or keep it a secret or even destroy property that they agreed to make sure no harm came to it. People who score high in morality might enjoy a game like this because they are concerned with doing the right things. Players who score low in morality might enjoy this game as well because they can just choose to be evil. A title that might just appeal to players on the low scoring side of morality is the game series called Saints Row. There are many immoral activities to take part in while playing this game.

2.) Anger: In Destiny, the crucible can be an area in the game that produces a lot of anger for some players. The crucible is the PVP area in the game. Some players in Destiny can grief other players by repeatedly killing them over and over again. The crucible can really bother some people because of the competitive nature it instills. People who get irritated from repeatedly dying over and over again may get really stressed out in the crucible. Players who scored high in anger may want to play this game and will get enjoyment out of it because they can get angry and like it.
Players that are less-hostile may not like the crucible, they may not like getting angry repeatedly about dying over and over. Less-hostile people generally are relatively calm and may not find joy in playing angry because someone did a certain emote over…

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