The Cultural Perspective Of Psychology Essay

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Psychology is an important aspect in pharmacy because of the varying responsibilities pharmacist has to perform when discharging their duties. I have chosen pharmacy to be my future career because it involves a vast amount of interaction between a pharmacist and the patient; it also deals with the relationship between drugs and the functionality, significance and its adverse effects. Pharmacist does not just dispensed drugs, they are involved in patient counseling, medication management, supply and control of medicines and drug therapy. With these kinds of responsibilities, it is highly important for pharmacist to understand all psychological concepts so as to better relate to them confidently and honestly. Several psychological concepts that are required to be mastered carefully include psychoanalytic, humanistic, behaviorism and socio-cultural. A pharmacist that works in psychiatric or hospital settings has a lot of duties to perform which include decision making, social support, coping and self-care. The socio-cultural perspective of psychology is an important component in pharmacy, Becoming a pharmacist involves meeting people of different races and ethnic background in order to fully understand the patients’ concerns ones need to able accept various cultural shock that may arise when dealing with patients. For instance, A Pakistani woman who is fully dressed in an Islamic way, would not allow a male pharmacist to examine her, in what she considers taboo; a…

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