The Curfew Policy Should Not Be Address Essay

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There is a major concern you need to be address: the curfew policy. It is meant to stop inappropriate behaviors from happening and bring order to the dorms, but it is not accomplishing that goal. There are more problems with the curfew. This policy needs reevaluated so it can accomplish its original purpose without being a nuisance on the students’ life.
Currently, the curfew is 12:00 a.m. on weekdays and 2:00 a.m. on weekends. When the time arrives, the keypad to enter the dorm will not allow students’ identification cards to be swiped. The point behind this is to keep students from staying out late and coming late, and it seems like it fulfills that purpose, but it actually does not.
Living in the dorm, I learned the easiest way to get in after-hours: call or text a friend to open to the door. The door is not locked from the inside, so anyone can walk down to the door, open it, and let their friends in. It is very simple. The keypad can only do so much.
The other concern with keypad is student who work late. It is irritating for a student to have a go to work, complete their hours, come back, and not be able to enter the dorm. That is unfair. What about the poor student in Straight Hall who works at Subway to get money for school? She has to contact the Residential Staff and tell them she has to work, but that does not help if the office is closed at night and the keypad is not letting her in. She is left with no options, and that is sad.
Now, the worst part about…

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