The Cyber World And Communication Articles Essay

984 Words Jul 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Will students be the target of flat out ignorance? The urge to text and communicate with friends is at its highest peak, while the intellect level washes downstream. Instant messaging, and Social networking has gnashed its teeth on our children’s flesh, it strives to kill the intellectual, prosperous ways of our young individuals. The cyber world has become a drug to young minds and provides them with an intense high to gain access to these websites and instant messaging for communication. Adolescents are the future and educators must prepare them to hold this world in their hands, but it becomes a rocky road for teachers as the translation of slag and IM acronyms become positioned in daily communication, and in school assignments. Upon analyzing the cyber world and communication articles directed at students the youths main focuses is all on technology, and the social networking sites, and it’s even in effect during instruction time in public schools. In allusion to youth’s education, technology is directing the youth’s attention to focus on posting updated statuses, and abbreviating words to make them look fancy but understandable to their friends. The main issue isn’t making a status as a source of communicate but it’s the way of abbreviations and how it translates into school assignments which is harmful to student’s intellectual level. On the other hand, teachers are preparing youth to transition into adult hood and a career field, but with a lack of proper…

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