The Danger Of The Air Essay

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There is an invisible enemy exists nowadays who becomes much stronger in the recent years and ruins people’s health and lives gradually. This powerful invisible killer is called “Air Pollution”. Let’s close our eyes and take a deep breathe. How is the feeling of the air? Is it still fresh and feeling relaxed nowadays, or it turns into something uncomfortable with awful smelling? Most of the people think the quality of the air become stale. As an increase of countries processing industrialization now, a lot of industry factories, which produce coal, cars, and heavy metals, spring up like mushrooms. Although industrialization could boost the economy of a country, it will speed up the air pollution as well. The picture shows how terrible the smoke is that a factory emitted in the United States. (See Figure 1.) One factory could cause huge toxic smog, and there may be more than 1,000,000 so far. Therefore, after people see the picture, they should understand how severe this issue is. Everyone should start to think about how to save our environment, because there is only an earth in the universal. If people continually ruin the earth, one day people will regret why they did not protect it when the earth collapse. Figure 1. This was a description of the coal industry in Shanxi province, China. (2013, Aug 27).
Air pollution contains plenty of toxic chemicals which will cause people’s physical mutation. For instance, it will for people get cancers, become a weakness, or gene…

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