Essay The Dangers Of Social Media

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The Dangers of Social Media In this world of fast-paced media accessibility it is hard to find the time and patience for heart to hearts with those we love most. Ten years ago, social networking was an exciting way to pass the time. We lived in our own little worlds, now we were able to connect with people outside of our vicinity. Now though we are in danger of losing our connection to reality. Long gone are the days of just sitting around and having a long talk with our friends, family dinners are all but extent. And why, you ask? All because we cannot seem to detach ourselves from our laptops, computers and smartphone. We constantly need to be “in the know.” Tuning out the world for even ten minutes might put us far behind the rest of people. But we might be missing more than we really know. While hiding behind a screen might be easier, in the long run the new generation is greatly lacking in the social skills needed to excel in school and the workplace. Many feel that social media sites provide a way for introverts to step outside of their comfort zone, as as connecting old friends and family together. It allows social events to be set upi easier. Allows student to interact and discuss subset outside of the classroom. However, this does not allow personal relationships to grow. While these sites provide instant access to friends and family, it restricts access to them personally. To be able to speak and listen, to touch and hold. These real world interactions are what we…

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