The Day Like It Was Yesterday Essay

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I remember the day like it was yesterday even though it 's been years ago after taking tests and physicals for over a year, staring at Asvab books and laptops that were not mine determining what my life was going to turn into. I then got the best/worst news of my life. I didn 't get accepted into the military, even though it was a huge relief to me I could tell my father was disappointed.
Sitting on the couch, tossing around my white Iphone. I hear my phone ring I look down and the police are calling aka my dad. My father then telling me I 'm sorry, your GPA and transcripts show that when you got taken off your meds your grades dropped too much. A silence of sadness was the only noise you could hear on the phone, so silent I could hear the fan in the other room. After about thirty seconds my father says "it 's okay, you can just go to college like you wanted." Not
Getting the news face to face, I pictured him just sitting in his work truck.
Black seats so hot from sitting in the sun he couldn 't be any more heated about the bad news could he I thought? After a few hours my dad walks through the doors, and gave me a white envelope which had my transcripts sealed inside. I take the envelope, and walk away into my room where I set it on a black wooden table, and dash away. As if it 's
Poisonous or something, to this day I still have the unopened envelope not in the same place but buried in a stack of mail on my book shelf. As I wake up the next morning not so agitated about…

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