Essay about The Death Of A Man With The Issue Of Blood

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There are times when each of us has fallen ill. We immediately consult the doctors. Our faith appears to have disappeared. As diligently church attendants, we do not stop to consult God for His medical assistance. We can all identify with the woman with the issue of blood and how she spent all she had before meeting up with God and just by touching just the hem of His garment. She was made whole. And how Hezekiah after being told he was going to die by Isaiah. He quickly turns to the wall and consults God for a miraculous healing immediately. We must gather ourselves and remember where all of our help cometh from and that is the Lord. So as the trials of life comes about, as Christ trusted in his Father and wait on Him. We must also learn that whatever we are face with in life. The fact of the matter is this; like the woman with the issue of blood (LK 8:43-48) and (2 Kings 20:1-11) Hezekiah turning to the wall. It teaches us that we must trust in our father just like them. It is in times like this when we need God the most. And confess all of our sins and wait on the Lord for His help, guidance and restoration. We need to be patient and wait on the Lord.

As the scriptures unfold, we are discovering that those who are involved are Hezekiah, the Lord, Israel, and other outsiders. And from an observational stand point Hezekiah has somehow fallen ill during his time. And like the God that we serve that sees all and knows all was on the scene and sent the prophet Isaiah to…

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