The Debate About Gun Laws And Restrictions Essay

1011 Words Jul 13th, 2015 5 Pages
Due to recent criminal fire arm attacks in Canada and North America, such as the Parliament Hill shooting on October 22, 2014, the debate about gun laws and restrictions has become a hot issue among Canadian citizens. Unfortunately, there are those who hold to the extremes on each end of the spectrum. Some, for example, will hold that if guns have little restrictions, our society will turn out to be some spaghetti-western-like world, while the other holds that if guns are restricted, our society will resemble a totalitarian state like that of the Soviet Union. Luckily, both of these views are mistaken. There are, however, less extreme views which are still at odds with each other. One favors heavier restrictions, while the other favors lesser restrictions; One holds to anti-legalization, while the other holds to legalization of guns as long as they are licensed. Surely, both of these positions are sincerely proposed solutions to the problem of gun violence against others, against oneself, and a care for the protection of all people. Both views, nevertheless, cannot both be right since they are mutually exclusive. On the whole though, the correct position, arguably, is that provided that it is regulated by the government, Canadian citizens should be permitted to carry a licensed, concealed handgun, and own guns in general. Anti-gun proponents claim that with concealed guns and gun ownership being legal, there is a higher likelihood of crime, murder in particular, that will…

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