The Devil 's Mine By Kief Davidson And Richard Ladkani Essay

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In their documentary called " The Devil 's mine" , Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani portrait the mining near the city of Potosí. By a perspective of Basilio Vargas, a fourteen-year-old Bolivian boy who work in one of the Cerro Rico 's mines, the directors show us the labor condition of work and life of people on that field.
Basilio Vargas is the firstborn in a family of a widow mother and two more siblings. Working in a small and improductive mine, he and his younger brother work for longs shifts journeys. Using coca leaves to cut the pain, hunger and sleep Vargas put his life in risk on a old mine and around by dynamite explosions. His mother, who works watching the mine to not be stolen, expect from her two sons the help necessary to survive with the low salaries.
One important characteristics in this community of miners is the religion aspects. Catholicism is the main faith professed but with the colonization consequences some new characteristic were added on the native 's faith. Believing that anyone will help them inside the mines, natives starts to pray to the Christian image of the Devil. They believe that under the ground and inside the mountains are the Devil 's territory, so they give offers to Tio, name given by them to the Devil, to protect them against the mining dangers. This faith in Tio is a result of the fear that Spaniards used to make natives work on the colonization.
Even with all this difficult Basilio Vargas dream with get out of this work inside…

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