The Diet Of A Vegetarian Essay

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Now that a common conception of how food is gendered to either become masculine or feminine has been analyzed attention can be shifted to how the food gendering is challenged and what happens when we rebel against these foods regardless of their masculine or feminine association. The common correlation between meat and men is that it represents and signifies masculinity based on the amount of meat that is consumed associating with higher amounts of meat eating as “primitive” and “tough”, while lower amounts indicate little or if any masculinity (Rogers, 2008, pg.285). When we look at the diet of a vegetarian where meat is strictly eliminated and avoided due to either religious or personal purposes, is a male who identifies as a vegetarian automatically disqualify himself from being seen as masculine due to the avoidance of meat? Possible reasons as to why people chose to identify as vegetarians include better physical health, animal rights, and environmental concern; factors that are of equal concern towards both men and women. However, since the vegetarian diet consists of the elimination of meat it gives the misconception that men who are vegetarians are not “true men” and face a great amount of backlash from their community (Sumpter, 2015, pg.111). It has been discovered that male vegetarians have been conceived as less masculine than male omnivores and have faced forms of shame and criticism as to why they decided to eliminate meat out of their diet (Sumpter, 2015,…

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