The Difference Education Between The United States And Thailand

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The Difference Education between the United States and Thailand All countries in the world are unique, that have many things the same and different, in term of education between the United States and Thailand. The education is the process of people get knowledge and learn the new things to get the many experiences. The purpose of education is lifelong learning and success in life. All of countries provide the education for civilian and want them to success in their life and can to develop the countries. Also the United States and Thailand there are provides the education for civilian. The education in the United States and Thailand are similar in approaches to teaching, student responsibilities, and education systems, but are different in many ways,too. The education between the United States and Thailand are similar. The first is the approaches to teaching. The approaches to teaching in the United States and Thailand is the teacher-center and children-center. They are focused on teacher and children. This approach is integrated between both of them. Those countries didn’t focus only approaches, but I think it’s good and appropriated for teachers and students. The second is the students’ responsibility that are similar in term of homework and final project. The students have to do it and all of teacher in the United states and Thailand are emphasizing on it. They think it helps students to understand the knowledge and evaluate the students’ responsibilities and students’…

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