The Disease Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay examples

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Alzheimer’s is one of the most fatal diseases in America. An estimated 5.3 million Americans have AD; 5.1 million are less than 65 years of age, and approximately 200,000 are above 65 years old (Janicki). AD is a disorder of the brain that eventually ends in abnormal brain function and even death. The disease was first described in 1907 by a German physician, Dr. Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915) during the neurological autopsy on the brain of a 56-year-old woman, Auguste D. of Frankfur Germany, who died after several years of progressive mental deterioration marked by memory loss and increase in confusion. Alzheimer 's disease is one of a number of forms of dementia (Dutton). This type of disease affects the brain by reducing the number of brain cells. The reduction in brain tissue can happen in all parts of the brain. However, Alzheimer 's disease mainly affects the cerebrum part of the brain. The cerebrum controls ones memory, language skills, intelligence, personality and emotions (Dutton). Since the Cerebrum is the main part of the brain that is attacked by the disease, many symptoms accrue. The results of Alzheimer 's are apparent, as one in ten people over 65 years old and in half of the population over 85 are affected. This disease seriously affects their lives, as seven out of ten patients afflicted live at home. The most common sign of Alzheimer 's is a decrease in memory functions. This memory loss affects short term information more so than long term memory. In…

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