The Early Pioneers Of Psychology Essay example

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Since the inception of psychology in the United States by American philosopher William James, in the early 1900’s learning and psychology has been joined hand in hand together ever since. Well into the beginning of the twentieth century, learning and education has been monitored closely and connected to psychologists. According to (Domjan, 2014) Learning is one of our most primitive and basic biological mental processes that facilitates our need for survival and promotes personal well-being. Learning is a critical role in life and helps to improve how Homo sapiens and all basic organisms mold and adapt to their ever changing environment. Many times we assume that all our learning consists of unique special training but in fact much of our learning takes place without us even realizing it is even happening (Houser, 2009, p. 19).
In this paper we will look at a few of the early pioneers of psychology and in some cases learning psychology in specific. Men like Descartes, Pavlov, Sechenov and Darwin helped lay the frame work for what today is an ever growing and ever changing amazing field we call psychology.
It is quite normal for people to be curious about the various conscious and unconscious aspects about their learned behavior that are able to be reflected upon. Over the past few decades psychologists have come to the conclusion that most of what we learn occurs without conscious thought or awareness (Houser, 2009, p. 19). Many aspects of our lives and things we do come…

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