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Monique Reed
May 11, 2015
Debra MC Coy

The effect of addiction have consumed billions of individuals all over the world, not only consume but also killed. Individuals have relied on drugs to fill the void in their life that is missing. The addict is not only hurting themselves from the drug use but their families, friends, and their community. In this paper, it will give a description of a 21-year-old male named Anthony. Anthony started using marijuana at the age of 20, trying to hide the pain from the death of his sister. Eventually, marijuana was not enough to get Anthony the extra high he wanted which Anthony made the choice to try another drug and eventually it
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Anthony is comfortable with his family catering to him, and when they stop Anthony will begin to steal and rob from his community. When an individual becomes an addicted to drugs, they will do whatever it takes to receive the high. The family will have to receive the help they need in order to help Anthony with his. Anthony family have to understand and have knowledge about addict which eventually it will help them deal their past issues. “The family has a pattern, a rhythm that is more than the sum of its parts. Any change in the behavior of one of its members affects not only each of the others but the system as a whole. Addiction, accordingly, is often defined as an illness not just of the individual but of the whole family. Sometimes the misery is so intense that the system barely functions” (Van Wormer, K. 2008).
Personal Thoughts on Anthony
When it concerns Anthony's recovery, I believe his family would need to step all the way back. The process will help Anthony's recovery to go a little smoother without the help of his family member distracting him. Anthony mother lives in guilt, she believes it is her fault for having two other children who are addicts. One of her daughters have already died from the drug overdose; this has caused Anthony mother to shield him so much that hurts him mentally and physically. Anthony father is living in guilt for not showing Anthony

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