The Effects Of Disabled Parents Are An ' Administratively Invisible ' Group '

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Disabled parents are an 'administratively invisible ' group" (Wilde & Hoskison-Clark 2014, 56). "In encouraging persons with disabilities to willingly self-regulate within prevalent civic norms, neo-liberalism sees disability not in terms of discrimination that partially creates it, but as a malleable state that can be turned around through personal endeavour" (Shildrick 2014, 135). "A post-graduate student with experience of mental health issues was advised [by] a disability officer [not] to tick the 'disabled ' box on a job application form. . . . to disclose her mental health issues would be to prejudice this student 's chances of getting a job interview" (Cameron 2014, 45). A society which "prizes normality and identifies impairment principally as a departure from this ideal" (Cameron 2014, 22). In the contemporary time of financial cutbacks to education, "needs" are forefront in securing economic stability. This shifts the attention from the student with disabilities entitlement to the right for proper education. Even still disabled groups are marginalised due to reactive (wait and see) mentalities—York 's Sound and Moving Image library could easily transfer "outdated" videos unto the internet, which would allow then for greater accessibility to Closed Captions and annotated translations in removing literal language barriers. i.e. York 's policy behind Gender Neutral Washrooms is a fantastic move forward. Until the Washroom list is looked over briefly…

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