Essay about The Effects Of Nonstandard English By Amy Tan

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The Effects of Nonstandard English From an article called My Mother’s English of Vision Across Americas, the author called Amy Tan intend to tell us that the differences between her mother’s English and standard English. Plus, the process of how she finds these differences. Moreover, she tells us the influence of it to her mother, even to her. She makes some examples to prove that her mother suffered from unfair treatment because of her mother’s nonstandard English. In other words, English limit affects the daily life of her mother. Therefore, she always pretends to be her mother when she was fifteen years old. When she grows up, she was ashamed of her English and find why her English is different from other people. Then, she tries her best to improve her English. In her article, she mentions that Sociologists and linguists will probably tell that a person’s developing language skills are more influenced by peers (Amy Tan). However, Amy Tan thinks family condition is very foremost for a person’s spoken English (Amy Tan). Most of the time, people always can not find the distinction when they get used to a thing. If people do one thing for a long time, they always think it is perfectly normal. In addition, the language spoken by the family plays a large role in shaping a language of the child. Her mother’s English still limits people’s perception of her. Furthermore, her mother’s English almost had an effect on limiting her possibility as well.
In this article, I learn…

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