The Effects Of Normal Developmental Conditions On The Cortex Essay

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Perry (1999) states that it was originally thought that higher brain functions in the cortex were able to control the lower primitive brain regions and it was this pervasive thought that influenced many therapeutic approaches. In recent years researchers have come to understand that under normal developmental conditions the prefrontal cortex is able to inhibit, organize and modulate the lower brain; however, in children who have experienced trauma the organization is altered. Perry (2012) goes on to explain that when a child experiences trauma the amygdala, which mediates fear responses, is triggered thus circumventing the cortex. The alarm response leads to brainstem and midbrain activity while cortical regions (rational thought) shut down. According to Perry, trauma activates regions of the brain responsible for intense emotions and arousal. Stein and Kendall (2014) explain that operating within each of these brain systems are neurons and, as the brain develops, the neurons from the various parts of the brain join together to form circuits. These circuits eventually organize into elaborate networks. When the brain is working correctly the many networks of neurons fire in unison. Healthy mental functioning depends upon the number and strength of neuronal connections. In normal brain development neurons are activated through experiences, which lead to the creation of new synaptic connections. As the synapses are created protein is produced which…

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