Essay on The Effects Of Schizophrenia At Home, Work, And School

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The Negative Effects of Schizophrenia at Home, Work, and School (Your Name) (Your School)

This research paper will explore the negative effects of the disease schizophrenia in the three main places those diagnosed function on a daily basis – home, school and work. The information throughout each section was retrieved and re-interpreted in my own words from The Department of Veterans Affairs Support and Family Education Session Four, The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health, and Open Door Group.

HOMEWORKSCHL/3 The Negative Effects of Schizophrenia at Home, Work, and School Schizophrenia is a disease that is not always easily detected, especially when a child is very young. In fact, experts estimate that it is rarely seen in children under ten and barely shows up until they are in their late teens and early twenties (MACMH, 2014). Still, even into late adulthood, the disease can cause problems at home, school, or work, and the following takes a look at how it can affect a person in either environment.
Schizophrenia’s Effect on Family Members There can be lots of confusing feelings that can occur between family members who have a loved one with schizophrenia, whether it is a child or an adult that has the disease.…

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