Essay on The Effects Of Violence And Its Effects

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SA 203


Question:“Violence itself defies easy categorization. It can be everything and nothing;

legitimate or illegitimate; visible or invisible; necessary or useless; senseless and

gratuitous or utterly rational and strategic” (Scheper-Hughes and Bourgois). Discuss

The study of violence and its effects is very wide, and, according to Scheper-Hughes and Bourgois, it is a slippery concept. Limiting it to physical, sociological, and/or psychological aspects does not do justice to the wide range of reasons behind occurrence and effects it may generate. As a result, its categorization becomes a complex analysis of causes, acts, effects and counter effects. However, it is quite important to understand and categorize violence in order to learn the intricacies human behavior. Violence has a wide range of roots, ranging from childhood abuse to psychological disorders, and an even wider range of results, from school shootings to marital rape; but it has only one effect – trauma. Trauma for the victims, their families, and the perpetrators themselves begins the vicious cycle of reproducing violence. One may argue that violence has only two sides: the perpetrators and the victims, but quite often, the perpetrator also started out as a victim. Violence is akin to the classic dilemma of: what came first, the chicken or the egg, except instead, it’s: what came first, the victim or the perpetrator? This dilemma…

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