The Energy Sector And The Oil And Gas Equipment And Services Industry

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Halliburton is the energy sector and in the Oil and Gas Equipment and Services industry. Competitors with Halliburton are kinder Morgan Inc. and Schlumberger. According to Yahoo finance, Schlumberger has a higher stock price and controls more of the market share. Halliburton has 12.82% of the market share. Generally I thought investing in the energy sector during the summer was a decent idea. My thoughts behind it was during the summer, consumers in America utilize more energy whether that was for the home, or travel more throughout the summer. Even with oil prices down I expected a rebound resulting in a larger return. From Yahoo finances, Halliburton has a current beta of 0.72 which means Halliburton could have a high return but it is extremely volatile. According to CNN Money Halliburton is underperforming in the market, and is forecasted for a higher return of 41% with a possible decrease of 7%. So even though Halliburton is slightly risky, it’s a risk I am willing to take since its return has a higher chance of being greater. Other risks surrounding Halliburton would be if oil prices ever decide to rise, and other markets of energy rising. The return profile for Halliburton pays back with a mixture of high capital appreciation and a dividend yield of 1.7%. In all honesty I chose to invest in Halliburton since Halliburton to the risk in investing in my education.

United States Steel Corp is the in the Basic Materials sector and in the Iron and Steel industry.…

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