The English Language Roaming The World Essay

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Throughout centuries, people from all around the world have experienced a change in the way they communicate. Communication has always been part of our lifestyle and it has changed as generations adapted new cultures, moved to other countries, etc. The article, What the World Will Speak in 2115, gives us a better explanation of how communication has varied from time to time. As well as how languages differ from one another and the different languages that have been revolving the world in the past and those that will in the future. In the article, What the World Will Speak In 2115, it states the trend that the language has experienced and how specialist assume that there’s going to be language deviations in the future. For a few thousand years now, the English language roaming the world. There are some invented languages that were used as an international medium, but weren’t successful. Volapuk was one of the invented languages, which occurred in 1880 by a Bavarian priest. This language consisted of a combination of French, German and English; but was way too complicated for people to adapt to it. Esperanto was also part of the invented languages, but this one was much simpler to learn. It didn’t last long because English was already orbiting the world as an international medium. Today, English is spoken by every third person in the world as mentioned in the article. Each and every place in the world will endure dialogue in their countries’ language and use…

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