The Epidemic Of Measles And Whooping Cough Have Brought The Vaccination

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Getting to the Point of the Matter Recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough have brought the vaccination controversy to the forefront. The United States has never had a mandatory vaccination policy in effect. Each state has its own immunization policies which the states govern and regulate. All 50 states do require up-to-date vaccines to attend public schools, including many colleges and universities. There are, however, some exemptions granted, although, the governing of those regulations is not intense enough to justify the liberal use of them. Preventing a disease is a better option than treating one, as the cost is sometimes significantly more than financial. Not being properly vaccinated could result in the ultimate cost, death. Vaccinations policies vary worldwide. 100% vaccination rates are not needed to protect the vulnerable members of society, however those who have chosen not to vaccinate put those who have no option in danger. There are many health and social positives to vaccinations. Anyone who has spent some time in front of a television has seen the prescription drug campaigns over the last five years, and it is hard to miss that there are some risks that come with any vaccination or drug. However, the risks of vaccines are moderately low compared to the actual disease. Herd immunity creates natural barriers within people that shouldn 't be vaccinated when all those that should, and need to be vaccinated do so. Herd immunity states that…

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