Essay about The Era Of Civil Right Movement

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The 1960’s is marked as the “Era of Civil Right Movement”, but it was much more than that. It was the Era where race became a person’s face value. You could be intelligent and respectable, you were outcasted because of darker skin. As explained by dsfsdf, Blacks were viewed in the 1960s as horrible people, if someone saw a black person on TV or walking around their first impression would be what 's he or she doing here or there.” Despite how hard many African Americans worked to demolish such an image, social media fought them at every turn, creating an image of aggression through propaganda-like commercials, and the like. Although, they were also very helpful in helped show how passionate people were, through airing speeches such as “I Have a Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” Overall, the Civils rights was a vicious battle between white and blacks, a battle with a social degree unlike ever before.
Having the right to vote is an integral part of being an American. You vote for how you want your society to look like, to function. All the way back in 1869, The 15th Amendment was passed, stating that all native-born American men, including African-Americans, had the right to vote. Even still, Black people in the South did not truly have this right. They had to jump through countless hoops to cast their votes, which often times weren’t even taken into account. To be able to vote, you had to pass a test or answer a few questions, proving your knowledge. While this…

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