Essay on The Ethical And Legal Responsibility

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Mary has an ethical and legal responsibility to report her findings of the correlation of this rare bladder disease with workers who are employed at the manufacturing plant. While the state has a law that dictates when individuals should take action, Mary should be guided by ethics and her own beliefs to justify why she should report her findings (Candilis, 2002). As Neuberger and Swirsky (2017) indicate, healthcare professionals have a duty to protect the public and are required to comply with laws, such as the law in Colorado regarding environment diseases. Additionally, as a HIM professional Mary is responsible for following the AHIMA Code of Ethics, which includes cooperating with legal authorities, putting the welfare of others before themselves, and ensuring that all voices are heard (AHIMA, 2011). Therefore, as a HIM professional Mary should report the high incidence of these cases to advocate for the rights of these patients.
While Mr. King indicates that Mary’s chief role as a HIM manager is to protect patient confidentiality, he is not promoting the best interests of the patient population. Even if there isn’t a state law requiring the reporting of possible health exposures, Mary still has the ethical responsibility to report her findings. In order to make this decision, Mary should evaluate whether this is a public health issue, if it is her obligation to report it, and if the government intervening is appropriate (Neuberger & Swirsky, 2017). This puts her in an…

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