The Ethical Norms Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Horizon Analysis

Having grown up in a country like Saudi Arabia that is highly influenced by Islamic values, I was fortunate enough to learn about how to behave and act with others in an ethical manner. In Saudi Arabia, everyone is expected to conform to that ethical standard agreed by the culture. My family placed a great impact on my life since they taught their children manners and ethical standards. I still remember that my parents would sit us down and talk to us if one of my brothers tried to cheat or lie. As a child, I would sometimes cause trouble at home and deny responsibility. When my dad finds out the truth, he would get mad and send me to bed and take away my toys just for not telling the taught. My dad believes it is important to be honest all the time and behave in a respectful manner.
My family enforced a number of ethical manners and taught us values that are important to the family. First, everyone must be honest and straightforward and not lying or deceiving. Second, we should treat people with respect and never look down on anyone besides taking responsibility of what we have to do. Third, to be fair with others and take turns when playing as well as helping people and forgive them when making mistakes. As I was growing up in a healthy family environment, I acquired these positive values, which I still utilize in my daily life to judge what is right or wrong. My parents installed these good values into us by applied different techniques to teach us…

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