The Ethical Responsibilities Of A Nurse Essay

1130 Words Feb 1st, 2015 5 Pages
Nightingale and other early nurses gave close attention to ethics, with articles, books and chapters being recorded and published about the ethical responsibilities of a nurse. However, observance and attention to ethics and has decreased over the years. A small number of researchers have attempted to tackle this subject. Those who have worked on it found it difficult, given the complexities of the task and the growing context of the healthcare setting. Ethical practice is generally accepted as an indispensable feature of good nursing, yet determining what comprises such practice is complicated. This essay reviews aspects of ethical practice from the context of healthcare professionals. The relationship between decision-making and ethical practice is discussed, observing the importance of the responsibilities of a nurse. Practicing ethically means being prepared to put it into action, not only knowing what the right thing to do or not to do. With this in mind, the chances to practice skills in ethical reasoning and the complexities of ethical practice are explored and the importance of acting ethically when working as a nurse is discussed. Competence in making ethical decisions is an essential attribute in the nursing profession. Decision-making requires ethical consideration because this process is vital at health service facilities and other institutions. Silva, Santos Marins, Nobre, Frazão and Rosa (2014) stated that a decision that was created based on the ethical…

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