The Ethics Of The Golden Rule Essay

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“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” This ethical guideline is known as the Golden Rule. This same rule is the same in the Christian faith, Islamic faith, Buddhist faith, Hindu faith, and many others. The general idea is always the same. It’s the wording that changes, never the message. Does following the Golden Rule make actions ethical? What does make something ethical? This is the question that everyone has to ask themselves, but the truth is everybody finds different things ethical. Ethics are the moral principles recognized by each individual. The Firm follows the life of Mitch McDeere as he pursues his career as a lawyer. He gets his dream job that pays more than enough, provides housing, and even a car. Little did he know that the company is involved in many different illegal activities. Mitch takes it upon himself to try and stop the illegal activities being carried out by the company he accepted employment from. After the FBI asks him for help, Mitch has to decide to either stay with his firm or help the FBI. It turns out that both his company and the FBI are blackmailing him, so he decides to follow his own plan to take the company down. Throughout the movie, Mitch is faced with many different decisions and is presented with many different ethical issues. The first ethical issue comes about halfway through the movie. At this time in the movie Mitch and his wife are settled into their home and Mitch has just figured out that the firm he is…

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