The Failure Of The American Dream Essay

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The Failure of the American Dream Everyone is in search of the American dream. Throughout the 1930’s the United States was enveloped in the depths of a Great Depression. During this time, the dream of a better life was hard if not nearly impossible to achieve. If you were an African-American during this time, you were even further from grasping any dream. With all the hardships and loneliness associated with the Great Depression, what was there left to dream for? During the Great Depression, John Steinbeck took the dream for a better life that many people needed and wrote Of Mice and Men. Though the book ends in a failure to achieve this dream, it shows that having something to work for can drive you through any difficulty. Throughout Steinbeck’s book, signs of the times are present. The main themes for this novel include racism, loneliness, hardships of migrant farmers and the dream for a better life. People have always wanted a better life than the one they have. The need to improve, or better our life has been around since the beginning of time and will continue well into the future. During the Great Depression, people’s dreams seemed unachievable. “People often lost their entire life savings when local banks failed” (World Book 19). Not only were banks failing left and right, but farmers in the Great Plain states were losing their land. In Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie frequently discuss their dream of owning their own piece of land. While…

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