The Family As A Balanced System Essay

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mainly concerned with the family as a balanced system. To Satir, the rules that oversee a family system are related to how the parent or parents go about achieving and maintaining their own self-esteem; these rules, in turn, shape the context within which the children grow and develop their own sense of self-esteem. She thought ninety percent of what happens in a family is hidden. The family 's needs, motives, and communication patterns are included in this ninety percent. She believed that whatever people are doing represents the best they are aware of and the best they can do. She considered people geared to surviving, growing, and developing close relationships with others. Self-esteem plays a prominent role in Satir 's system. (Novak, 2012)
Virginia Satir, one of the few women family systems developers. Satir is one of the key figures in the development of family therapy. She believed that a healthy family life involved an open and reciprocal sharing of affection, feelings, and love. Satir made enormous contributions to family therapy in her clinical practice and training. She began treating families in 1951 and established a training program for psychiatric residents at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute in 1955. (Banmen, 2009)
She believed that every human being had deep seated worth and that all individuals and families have the potential to grow and thrive. Virginia Satir’s process of change is another way to help people in making choices that raise…

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