The Family Of The American Dream Essay

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“Even though these stories are so different, a lot of the time it’s really the same story” (Peter) Growing up in a purely Caucasian family, I have always felt that my ancestors pretty much lived the same life style as each other. However, in times when I have had a chance to speak with my Grandparents now as an adult I see that all though they may have all been chasing the American Dream, their culture and background caused them to each have very different lives here in America. On my Dads side of the family we have not been able to trace back specifically the originating country of our ancestors however with the last name of Wills and generations of Americans one could most likely assume they are of English decent. On my Moms side of the family, her Dad is a 2nd generation American with his Grandparents being from Germany and England. My Moms mother is a 1st generation American with her parents being from Poland.
Since the Polish line is the easiest to trace back to and is not to many generation out, when asked about my ancestory I always say “part polish and a mix of everything else” Growing up my Dad used to make Polish jokes about my mom’s side of the family and my brother and I. For instance if we were trying to do something and needed his help he would say “How many Polacks does it take to…” In speaking with my Polish-American Grandmother Mary who was born in 1934 and grew up in Osceola, Pennsylvania, it was common for the English children and adults to pick on the…

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