The Famous Human Right Activist Essay

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Name; Chong Liu
Prof. Davis

In 1964, Malcolm, the famous human right activist known in the word, stated “Education is our passport to the future; for tomorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today.” in his speech at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity. As sure, the contemporary society proves what he said, that the education becomes the more and more essential factor to decide the success of a person. However, the problem is that what kind of education could reach the goal, in other words what should be involved in a good education?

In Newman’s article “Knowledge its Own End”, he states that a good education are supposed to include two parts----“liberal knowledge” and “useful knowledge”(31). The “liberal knowledge” means learning how to empower individuals mentally, intellectually and spiritually, in other to deal with the complex problems in the future. It provides scholar some board and wide knowledge, such as culture, society, and human beings. On the other hand, the “useful knowledge” is the knowledge that cultivates the skills of a career for the specific field, for example the knowledge about computer science, math, chemistry, which are going to show the value immediately. Containing both two parts of knowledge, scholars are able to pursuit a higher life goal, not only win career successful but also understand the value of life (33).

Newman’s model for high education would mandate…

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