The Fat Girl By Anne Louise Essay

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The Fat Girl” and “Chunky in Heat” deliver messages about the female body, body image, and empowerment in similar yet differing manners. “The Fat Girl” tells the story of Louise, a young woman with a background in weight struggles. Growing up overweight, Louise would sneak food in response to the shame her mother created around Louise’s eating. Because she ate in secret, Louise often felt as though she were truly dieting. In college Louise has a roommate named Carrie who works to help Louise lose the weight. Once she loses the weight she eventually meets and marries Richard. After giving birth, Louise continued to gain the weight back while simultaneously angering her husband. At the end she is completely okay with Richard’s distaste for her body.
Louise’s story highlights expectations of the female body in both society and in literature. Women are expected to be thin as that is how they get the man, hence Richard. As she gains weight he is no longer interested in Louise. There is a great emphasis placed on women being thin. Louise’s story shows empowerment because she is happier as an overweight woman without a man who can only love her when she is conventionally attractive. This story highlights that happiness is not dependent on a woman’s weight or physical appearance.
“Chunky in Heat” tells Cheryl or “Chunky’s” story. Chunky gets her name for her love of Chunky candy bars. The story depicts her sexuality as she explores sex with the younger neighbor boy and…

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