The Federal Government 's Responsibility For Immigration Essay

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"California will not submit its destiny to faceless federal bureaucrats or even congressional barons. We declare to Washington that California is a proud and sovereign state, not a colony of the federal government” (Claiborne, 1995). With these words, Governor Pete Wilson of California defiantly expressed his state 's independence from the federal government in his January 1995 inaugural address (Tessier, 1995). The thoughts of hostility is displayed in shining colors through the ideas that the federal government is under constant negotiation as to the scope of the federal versus states government responsibility. The problem is that the controversy is an everlasting problem because the federal, state and even local governments see their own advantages and disadvantages of power in the matters. In reality the federal government’s responsibility for immigration can be seen as its constitutional responsibility.
Federalism and its relation to immigration has been a question that has taken many perspectives and is under governments interests of agenda’s for constant federalism controversy. After 9/11 the nation has transformed its characterization of immigration and its relation to federalism. There has been an extensive amount of state legislation that has come into controversy such as Arizona’s SB 1070, which requires police to determine the immigration status of someone arrested or detained when there is “reasonable suspicion” they are not in the United States legally.…

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