The Feminist Artist Of Barbara Kruger Essay

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Every artist faces a moment in their life where they need to escape, run away and leave everything behind. It is in this moment where they find their true self through their art; also known as a personal style. The true meaning of art doesn’t conform to one perspective; it morphs from everyone’s opinions into a reality. The French Symbolist painter, Odilon Redon once said, “While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality… true art lies in a reality that is felt” This quote expresses the abstract line between fantasy and actuality. Everyone can look at a painting and detail what it depicts, but no one can retrieve the same emotion from an artwork that the artist puts into it. The feminist artist Barbara Kruger has release many artworks to the public expressing her true self and her opinions of the world around us, two of her post popular ones are; “I Shop Therefore I am” and “Your Body is a Battleground” both of which are a prime example of hidden meanings in the detail of artworks.

Barbara Kruger is well known for her defensive stance on the portrayal of women in society, this is depicted through every artwork she creates where she redefines the meaning of detail and emotion in an artwork. She displays her point of view by placing a concise caption across the surface of her photographic manipulation pieces. Kruger’s biggest period of time in relation to her artworks was around the 1980’s. During this time period she focused of encapsulating the era of…

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