The Feminist Criminology Theory And Power Control Theory Essay

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Two theories that take place together during a part of the movie is the feminist criminology theory and power control theory. The definition states that “Feminist criminology is primarily concerned with the victimization of women, such as female delinquency, prostitution and gender inequality in the law and the criminal justice system are also receiving attention”(Dr. Julian Herminda). This article concludes that “The power-control theory posits that gender differences in delinquency can be traced to power relations between fathers and mothers, which ultimately reflect their positions within their occupations ”(Blackwell). Christine, the wife of the well-acknowledged director, reacts with violent outbursts of anger while being arrested by the racist police. She is dominated and controlled by him and then is completely stripped of her dignity while the cop molests her as he checks to make sure she does not have any weapons. Her husband had to stand there and watch. He did not speak a word in the fear of being arrested. Christine then proceeds to scold her husband because she saw it has him not protecting her since he was trying to save his own dignity. Through this situation with Christine, we see robust gender issues, where she is dominated by her husband’s career since she reacts so strongly to that when it results in her being sexually assaulted. Jean, who is played by Sandra Bullock, is also subordinate to the career of her husband, who is more preoccupied with his…

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