The Feminist Perspective On Anthropology Essay

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The feminist perspective on anthropology has, like in numerous other disciplines, run ‘parallel’ to the subject. The attempt to shift the paradigms has created some tension between the ideas of the feminist perspective and the existing archetypes of anthropology. However, feminist thinking in anthropology has reshaped the study of gender and has become somewhat accepted by mainstream social anthropologists. In this essay my aim is to explore the ways in which male-bias has been allowed to occur and how feminist thinking has affected the study of anthropology. It is my intention elaborate on the ideas where the feminist perspective has broken the parallel form and touched with particular subjects within the study of anthropology.
Male bias is an unintentional feature of anthropology that for a long time went undisputed. With the social norms of the time being completely male orientated it was inevitable that these ideas and views would be incorporated into the study of anthropology and create a patriarchal method of study. It is argued by feminist anthropologists that the sexism in the anthropologist’s society may have “followed our own culture’s ideological bias in treating women as relatively invisible” (Rosaldo & Lamphere, 1974:1). The lack of equality within western society would very likely have been a difficult mind set for male anthropologists to overcome. Anthropologists in the past have been primarily male and would consequently have had an exclusively male view on…

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