Essay about The Feminist Theory Of A Star

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In August of 1941 – a star was born. Martha Kostyra-Stewart was born to a family of privilege even though she was one of six children. She personified the feminist theory movement and perspective, not because it was her goal but because an unconscious effort that pushed her. Martha Stewart was shown favor even at an early age. She didn’t have deviant behavior or exposed a plight of someone born without a fighting chance. This lead to her becoming a baby-sitter for some of the most famous baseball players in the world to include: Mickey Mantle, who played for the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra and Gil McDougald. Not only was she a baby-sitter because she wanted to, she also modeled for the famed company Chanel at the age of 15 along with being in commercials and doing photo-shoots in popular magazines. The feminist theory perspective as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online, states that feminism stands for “the movement that women share in equal billing across the board. This includes women having political power, having an economical and cultural voice, and equality among social circles and not just as an accessory on their husbands or boyfriends arms”. The question is, was Martha Stewart incarcerated because feminism is working, or because she was she was a patriarch and had to be taught a lesson or was she less valued as a women, in a higher class position with an egalitarian attitude. We will explore and answer these three questions.
Martha Stewart and…

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