The Feminist Theory Of Feminist Counselling Essay

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Feminist counselling was created to drift away from traditional patriarchal counselling methods which do not take into consideration race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and much more. It includes a complete egalitarian response system between client and therapist (Brown. L, 1991, page 325), by doing so it creates a safe environment for women to share their lives and relate to the counsellor. Feminist therapists were one of the first psychotherapists to call for more defined ethical standards in the helping professions, particularly in regard to sexual exploitation, the harassment and exploitation of others in powerless positions and feminist therapists added to the definition of ethics that the concepts of sexism, racism, homophobic, or other discriminatory attitudes are evidence of unethical behaviours (Brown. L, 1991, page 324). The client here, Cathy seems to understand what is causing her stress in her life and seems to be willing to change her life for the better. Cathy is a single hardworking mother of two, whom is dealing with many personal issues in her life. Such as relationship, occupational, health, and financial issues. In the sessions Cathy seems to be self disclosing appropriately while sharing her feelings and experiences. To understand the text below one must understand what ethics means. Ethics definition is rules of behaviours based on ideas about what is morally good and bad ( Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2014). Cathy and the therapist are…

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