The Feminist Theory Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare is about a prince of Denmark named Hamlet. The play begins with his arrival home when he learns that his father is dead and his uncle Claudius has taken the throne by marrying his mother Gertrude. Hamlet soon learns that his father was actually murdered by his treacherous uncle and starts plotting Claudius’ death in order to avenge his father. Through the feminist theory, one is able to understand the struggles that women in Hamlet face in this particular era. The feminist theory aims to determine the amount of gender inequality, the status of women, and whether they’re oppressed by society. With regards to Hamlet, this theory indicates that the female characters from Hamlet are indeed facing oppression, due to the relationships they have with the men in their society. The female characters in Hamlet face subjugation, degradation, and the inability to make proper decisions in these relationships. The control that the women have on their own life is minimal as the male characters dominate the majority of their life. For example throughout the play, Ophelia seems to be under the control of not only Hamlet, but her family members as well. Her father Polonius has most of the control in their relationship, since she would do anything he says without any objections. When Polonius finds out that Ophelia might be in love with Hamlet, he tells her that she must end that relationship because she is too weak and a fool to think that a…

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