Essay on The Feminist Theory Of Shakespeare 's Othello

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Shakespeare 's Othello there are three women in the whole play each one symbolizing the ideal woman and what they truly are. Though the play is only centered around one woman, Desdemona. It can be said that Emilia and Bianca also play an important part as well by showing the restriction placed on woman during the Elizabethan times. In which Shakespeare is showing off the power of woman, this theory also known as the feminist theory. As Shakespeare manages to show different viewpoint about woman in the play that the Elizabethans and Italians did not have for women. Making it one of the most feminist plays written in the Elizabethan era by those woman in the play.

As stated in the play there are three women Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca. Each one with different positions and love lives as well. Desdemona being a general 's wife and a noble daughter, Emilia being a servant to Desdemona, and Bianca being a whore. With their own strengths and weakness to make them tragic characters in the play. As both Desdemona and Emilia are killed by their own husband and Binaca is accused of helping Cassio kill Roderigo and sent to prison to be tried. Yet because of these tragic death they can be played along with a male tragic fall since the social restriction placed on them also lead to their own demise as well .

In the Elizabethan era many restriction were set on woman as a whole as they were seen as the lesser human and a subservient race as well. With only three stages in their…

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