The Feminist Theory Of Women Essays

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The Feminist Theory began as early as the 18th Century in response to women’s issues and discrimination against women during that time. The Feminist Theory succinctly focused on the inequality of women in a society where women had limited rights. To some degree, the idea of women being authoritative figures, having an identity as an individual, being political, or even having any knowledge or understandings of the world were very limited based on their gender. The Feminist theory addressed the way women were treated and perceived based on the mindset of men in those times. Sojourner Truth, one of the first feminist of the time, addressed the movement with her belief that women could perform the same tasks as men. She believed that if women of color were able to perform male specific tasks during those times, then all women were capable of performing those same tasks. Sojourner’s ideas, post her arrest for voting illegally were soon followed by Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony took over the movement and ignited the torch by addressing the constitution that depicted language that Anthony thought was sexist or favored men. Feminist theory in essence analyzed inequality among women in not only their social lives, but in politics, as well as education but more importantly on how women were discriminated against in that period. This paper aims to address the role of Feminist Theory and how it relates to women in Greek culture. As the Feminist Theory relates to present, the…

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