The Feminist Theory Of Women Essay

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The theoretical framework for this study is grounded in Feminist theory. This research will concentrate on the notion of how and why certain Saudi women moved into leadership roles. Exploring the voices of Saudi women leaders in the USA Using this theory to examine the factors contributing to the success of these women leaders in the USA and to highlight practices and barriers, which hindered women’s progression into leadership roles. Feminist research is about taking into consideration a woman’s standpoint in the world (Crotty, 2006). This implies to value women roles and conduct researches that value the voices, ideas and experiences of women while valuing the role of men as well. According to Gringeri, Wahab, & Anderson-Nathe (2010), a feminist research is a corrective in nature because it helps raising awareness to issues of injustice against women. While a feminist research study may rely on multiple perspectives, it centers on the lives of women (Reinharz, 1992), which is in this study the lives of Saudi women leaders in the USA.

Segregation between genders is a major practice in Saudi culture (Baki, 2004). Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state in which the constitution is based on Islamic rules. Education in Saudi Arabia, for instance, is segregated by sex and divided into two separately administered systems: general education for boys and general education for girls. Both sexes follow the same curriculum and take the same annual examinations with some variations based…

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