The Field Of Developmental Psychology Essay

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Swiss born psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget is considered to be a pioneering genius in the field of developmental psychology, Not only did he make vast improvements in the treatment of patients with mental disorders, he has revolutionized how child development is viewed along with teaching, and learning itself. Born in 1896 to a professor and a domestic engineer, Piaget had a quite a fierce fascination with Biology as a child, and spent many a days at the national museum of natural history, The curator of the museum observed this and took him under his wing, and that led to Piaget publishing an article in the nation’s scientific journals. By age 15 he had earned a reputation in the zoologist community as he had published many articles on mollusks and thus that led him to study at the University of Zurich where he went on to publish several more articles, and that is where his fascination with Sigmund Freud’s took over him. And that led him to develop his most influential theory of the stages of Cognitive Development. Perhaps partly inspired by Descartes’s Cogito Ergo Sum, I think therefore I am. Piaget’s claim to an extremely important status in the field of psychology was that he thought that behavioral patterns began in the brain, and that the children can begin to think before they can speak. He shifted the focus away from environmental factors. And identified the four stages of Cognitive Development that every person goes through. The stages being: Sensorimotor,…

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