The Field Of Forensic Psychology Essay

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The area of career interest I have identified most closely with is psychology. I am considering this field because I really love the idea of helping people better themselves. I have watch television shows such as law and order and criminal minds, and although these are fictional pt. shows they are in essence the duties that might have to be performed in the field of forensic psychology and embodies the prestige that it involves. I am a very diligent worker and try very hard at everything that I do. Despite the things that I physically do I am very educated; I tend to catch on quick, and have a wonderful personality. Coming into this field I offer young eyes, and a passionate perspective towards the job. Forensic psychology is a job I think I will be happy waking up to every morning. My Myers- Brigs test was used to indicate or measure the level of skills and comfortability with one self and personality. My Myer-Briggs code was INFJ. My code stood for Introvert, Intuition, Feeling, and Judgement. The strength of this code is in all my letter as well as my weaknesses. My strength through INFJ broken down means to me that I am not sheltered and alone , but I do better work and concentrate better alone, that I rely on my gut feeling to determine my actions , and try to be in tune not only with what my mind is saying but also my body. Feeling in the sense that I can make decisions off of proper emotion, and judgment because I try to organize and stick to the plan in order to…

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