The Field Of Law And Psychology Essay

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The field of law and psychology are very diverse, especially with psychology constantly changing and expanding more so than law. Law and psychology have two distinct disciplines, however, they have a lot in common. The goal for psychology is to be able to understand behavior while the goal in terms of law is to regulate it. In the views of law and psychology, they both develop assumptions as to why people act in the ways that they do. Psychology is a field in which I am passionate about and my goal is to pursue a career in psychology in the future. Moreover, with the topic of law and psychology it raises a lot of inquisitions for me and probably a lot of other people in society as well, as to what is the line between getting thrown in jail for committing a crime and being put in a rehabilitation institution? What if two people commit the same crime, but one gets thrown in jail while the other gets put in a rehab? What are the psychological justifications that will determine where that criminal goes for committing a crime to the point where their insanity is questioned? I just wonder as how the law goes about handling this situation. For example, serial killers they don’t get put into a rehab so they can get the help that is needed from someone who can come to the conclusions as to why they go on a killing spree and help them recover from that issue, but instead they get thrown in jail to where that person is getting no help at all. Another category of criminals that…

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