The Field Of Positive Psychology Essay

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The study of positive psychology focuses on the strengths that permit individuals and communities to flourish. The field of positive psychology is built on the ideology that people want to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life and to bring out what is best within themselves and to increase the experiences of everyday life such as love, work and even play (UPenn, 2016). Health services are looking to increase well-being, instead of treating an underlying illness. Recent evidence has come to light regarding the promotion of well-being into client practices and with this new evidence for positive psychology interventions are being developed to improve the well-being and overall quality of life for individuals. Positive psychology provides valid insights to the workings of the development of a healthy and meaningful life for people experiencing mental illness (Biomed Central, 2010).
Gratitude and being grateful for what one has, is a learned trait that will allow one to feel a sense of appreciation for themselves and everyone around them. Expressing gratitude reinforces the internal positive attitude, which in turn can reinforce the altruism of helping those around you, an attitude of gratitude helps one focus on the positive rather than the negative (Changing Minds, 2016). Finding things in life to be joyful about will enable a person to increase their overall happiness, as joy is often short term, however frequent experiences of joy will increase the positive emotions that…

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